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Last hope

It's almost 20 days Italy is in lockdown, I mean the whole country.Everybody has to give a contribution and while that of some people is their own life or risking it, that of people like me is staying home. They say having a routine is fundamental, I say giving this routine a sense is the... Continue Reading →

It’s up to you

Are they diffident? Are they scared? Shy? It seems they are ignoring me. Or even more, they do not like me, they do not like foreigners. Is that possible?I found my self in a little paradise in the middle of nowhere on the Caribbean coast of Colombia but it seems I could connect with locals.... Continue Reading →

Faces of Jericò

A campesino (farmer) in Jericò, Colombia. So you are planning a trip to Colombia and your itinerary includes at least one town of the "eje cafetero" (the region of the coffee cultivations), right? Much probably you will visit Salento and/or Filandia. Well, you are probably making the wrong choice, let me be straight. If you... Continue Reading →

I miss that smile

Suddenly, with no apparent reason, he makes the sign of the cross.“My grandmother is buried over there”, he explains. He points to the cemetery, now I can see it: a field of crosses, in the middle of nowhere, like everything here.We are leaving Julaca, a semi abandoned city not far from the Salar of Uyuni,... Continue Reading →

I will not get tired

Choquequirao is a big Inca archeological site almost as spectacular as Machu Pichu but much more enjoyable because it comes without the crowd of its famous "sister".The ruins are very difficult to reach but still it can be done independently. Impossible to get lost, campsites providing also food and bottled water are available along the... Continue Reading →

The luckiest on Earth

To hug a stranger, to hug him strong after talking ten minutes for the first time. It's one of those things which can happen to you when travelling. Travelling for long, alone, open minded and curious.You have lots of conversations, they go more like this: what's your name, where are you from originally, where have... Continue Reading →

Time and details

Harry is perfectly shaved, controlled, a man from a different generation. What we would define a respectable and dignified man. When I asked what type of photography he prefers, he told me “portrait, since you can see details impossible to notice with naked eye”. He did not have the lens I was looking for but... Continue Reading →

Who fears Macizo?

I made it my friend!It took me 8 days and 7 nights and the 29th of March I defeated Macizo! Wait, who's that? For my first serious attempt at trekking I chose Torres del Paine National Park and its longest trail.And it has been easier than expected thanks to a very clement weather. I loved... Continue Reading →

Next to me.

Today is for resting. It's more than just charging the batteries. I am letting the firsts layers of this incredible experience stratify (I guess my English sounds awkward at this stage...). After a week of trekking, the first multi day trekking of my life (and probably my very serious attempt at trekking overall), I'd like... Continue Reading →

Ushuaia: not just a stamp!

The first stop of my trip was Buenos Aires but I will be probably be back there and prefer to share my experience in Ushuaia before writing about Argentina's capital. I think Ushuaia deserves a better place in traveller and tourist mind. Why we all go to Ushuaia Ushuaia is located in the wide bay... Continue Reading →

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